"Be so good they can't ignore you." Steve Martin


Overcomer                                            Wesley Ford                                                     Kendrick Brothers/Affirm Films

An Evergreen Christmas                       Funeral Attendee                                             Kim and Jim Productions


Homicide Hunter                                   Guest Star                                                         Jupiter Entertainment

Outcast                                                Supporting Featured (3 episodes)                     Fox International Channels

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural                  Guest Star (4 Episodes)                                     4L Films

Halt and Catch Fire                               Guest Star                                                          Stalwart Films LLC         

Banshee                                                Supporting                                                         Screaming Spirit Productions


Cheerwine                                             Principal                                                            Nomad

Kadunk’s Candy                                    Principal                                                           YOLO Candy

Math Homework                                     Principal                                                           Dust of the Ground Productions

Monsters in The Basement                    Principal                                                           Dust of the Ground Productions

Real Life Video Game                           Principal                                                           Milk and Honey Productions Inc

Walk it Out                                            Principal                                                           Milk and Honey productions Inc

Kellogg’s Krave Cereal                         Principal                                                           Circle3X Productions 


The Great Gatsby                                 Jay Gatsby                                                       WECHS

Where the Lilies Bloom                         Chester                                                             Wilkes Playmakers

Our Town                                              Sam Craig                                                        Wilkes Playmakers

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory      Willy Wonka                                                      Bleu Moon Productions

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever       Ralph Herdman                                                 Wilkes Playmakers

The Christmas Bus                               Eugene                                                             Wilkes Playmakers

A Christmas Story                                 Scut Farkas and Flick                                       Bleu Moon Productions

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow              Diedrich and Nicolas                                          Wilkes Playmakers

Inherit the Wind                                   Howard and Timmy                                             Wilkes Playmakers

It’s a Wonderful Life                            Young George                                                    Wilkes Playmakers


How Many More                                  Middle School Student                                       Tri-Rahn Pictures


Boy Scouts Explorer Campaign                                                                                     Weld Digital Media


WBTV  3 Morning Show                          Back to School Wear                                      Concord Mills

Charlotte Fashion Week                           Mr. Turk                                                        Charlotte Seen

Charlotte Fashion Week                          Classic Man                                                    Charlotte Seen


Vo ice Over                                                                                                                     Edge Studios/Jay Snyder

Cold Read Intensive                                                                                                       Harriet Greenspan

Voiceover Workshop                                                                                                      NYS3 Asheville

Acting in the Digital Age                                                                                                Mitzi Corrigan

Do's and Don'ts to Help You Succeed                                                                            Teri Land

Audition Tips and Techniques                                                                                        Rhavynn Drummer                                                           

Auditioning Workshop                                                                                                   Krisha Bullock

Young Actors Workshop                                                                                                Sharon Lieblein

Acting Out Studio Acting /ImprovClass                                                                          Karla Dingle                                                                                    
How to Work in Hollywood                                                                                            Ryan Olsen

Auditioning Workshop                                                                                                  Shirley Faison

Who’s Involved in Making a Commercial                                                                       David Elliott                                                                     

The Casting Workshops                                                                                               Howard Meltzer

Auditioning Workshop                                                                                                   Ryan Glorioso

Auditioning Skills                                                                                                          Krisha Bullock

Acting Out Studio Improv Class/Improv Team                                                              Elizabeth Byland


2013 Youth Excellence Award Best Teen in a Commercial        2013 BEST 30 Second Commercial Winner

2014 BEST Overall Male Winner,  2014 BEST Photography Winner,  2014 BEST Runway Winner


Karate, Piano, Swimming,  Guitar, Improv   Voice Over                 Improv Team Teenage Handbook

Accents, Voice Imitations, and Impersonations                                Can memorize dialogue easily                                             


* Atlanta, GA,       *Charlotte, NC                                                                             SAG-AFTRA-E